Traditional Steel vs. Copper Laser Grating

Laser Cutting Machinery Replacement Slats & Grating

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With over 30 combined years in the manufacturing industry, we have been a leading provider of quality manufacturing services in numerous industries. We've learned what works and what doesn't work when machining and manufacturing parts for our customers. Our experience and knowledge of the field has enabled us to find solutions to everyday problems in the manufacturing industry, starting with laser cutting and laser cutting grates.

We are able to customize your laser cutting grates according to your laser cutting machinery. We've found that traditional steel grating wears quickly and needs to be replaced often. By using the same design of laser grating but made out of copper, our experience shows that the laser grates not only last longer but perform better as well. This saves manufacturers like yourself valuable time and resources in laser cutting.

These replacement parts are being used in the most well-known job shops and OEM's across the world. Take a look at our Catalog page to see if copper laser grating might be your next key to more success in the manufacturing industry.

We are able to produce replacement laser grating for every piece of laser cutting machinery, for nearly any manufacturer (we most often get requests for Bystronic laser grating, Trumpf laser grating, and Mitsubishi laser grating), model, year, size, or wattage. We make laser grating that will take your production capabilities to the next level. Our design team takes into account the following:

  • Industry type
  • Types of material
  • Types of parts
  • Production volume

From here, we will decide what type of laser cutting slats will best suit your needs. This makes the laser grates custom-made to your production floor to make the most of your facilities.

Hybrid slats are now an option

Patent no. 9,266,199

Introduction of the new Hybrid option will give many the benefit of using Copper Slats at a reduced cost.

Extensive development and testing has proved this to be comparable to the standard copper slat. A unique patent pending design is doing well in the field when coupled with the right application. Typically the product works well in gauge material up to .190" thick. The Hybrid slat performs extremely well when used on gauge material only and similar life of standard copper can be expected.

  • Longevity - Copper slats last 2 years versus 3 months on average when steel is used
  • Machine up time - You'll spend less time cutting and replacing old slats and more time cutting parts for profit
  • Less slag - With lass slag build up the reduction of machine maintenance is realized
  • Improved part quality - The amount of splatter is reduced and parts will not weld to the slats
  • Carbon contamination - The use of Copper slats will reduce carbon contamination on your parts

If you have any additional questions or concerns about copper laser grating, feel free to email or call us at 763-452-4550 and we'll be happy to help you with your next set of laser grates!

New Product

Electric Slag Removal Tool For Laser SlatsQuickly and easily remove tough slag and dross buildup from your laser support surface. The Slaghog works on Copper as well as Steel support slats and can be operated while the laser machine is running. Perform cleaning from one side of cutting bed with a single operator. This unique tool is not only patent pending it's made in the USA. Read more about this time saving tool in our Accessory page.

A solution to a grating problem

( as seen in FFJournals December 2013 issue )

In an increasingly competitive global market, US manufacturing companies are trying to find ways to trim operating costs. This has led to the development of automated systems that can be integrated into manufacturing processes and some “outside of the box thinking” providing solutions to problems.

SlatPro has been in the laser cutting industry for more than a decade starting with a 2500 watt machine and adding equipment as we grew. Our first experience with automation was in 2004 with the installation of a 4000 watt machine equipped with a material transfer system. This new technology would allow the machine to run over night unattended, thus driving down the operating cost. The machine came with copper slats as part of its automation package. Within a couple of weeks it became clear that copper slats were far superior to steel. Consequently we converted our other equipment to copper slats as well. Not only did the slag flake off the copper slats easily but their life span was about eight times greater than that of steel. Copper is also the preferred slat for automated systems due to the fact that parts and slugs do not get welded onto the bed.

After reviewing the price to replace the cutting beds through our machine OEM, we looked for an alternative way to make the copper slats at a reduced cost. We did an internal cost analysis and determined that we could produce the slats at roughly half the cost of the OEM. We started manufacturing our own slats and realized that we could help other shops by giving them an alternate source for copper slats at a much better price. We started to market the product by creating a new website,

Within a couple of months we had many requests from shops that were having issues with steel slats and were now looking for an alternate option. Certain industries such as medical and food equipment manufacturers were very interested due to the reduction in carbon contamination and superior part quality. One of the advantages that we offer our customers have is the ability to modify their slat design to best suit the types of materials and parts they run. We produce every order as a custom job to allow this type of flexibility. Current copper users found us to be a great source for replacement beds, however many other shops were hesitant to take that first step and invest the money required for copper slats. We do our best to work with customers and find ways that financially work for them. This has led to blanket orders, which gives them the freedom to bring in slats as needed but still stay under their monthly maintenance budgets. As copper prices continued to rise we began to investigate how we could again help reduce the costs so that more people could realize the benefits of this product.

We created a way to combine the low cost of carbon steel and the performance benefits of copper with our patent pending Hybrid design. After extensive internal testing we brought this product to market at the beginning of 2013. The cost savings vary greatly from machine to machine but typically our customers see a 30% reduction in price to that of pure copper slats. We have found that if used in the right application, Hybrid slats perform very comparable to pure copper. Our customer response on this new product has been very positive. Earlier this year we had a customer purchase Hybrid slats for one machine to do an internal cost analysis. After 30 days our customer had determined that the increase in machine up time and improved part quality with the Hybrid slats would help them reduce their overall operating costs. This customer then proceeded to put Hybrid beds on eight other machines.

With the emphasis on driving down costs in the manufacturing industry more and more shops are looking for ways to streamline their processes. Pure copper and Hybrid laser slats are excellent solutions to everyday problems and a great way to increase overall productivity on laser cutting equipment.