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Steve, "We liked our last set of slats so much, we decided to outfit another machine. Can you please quote (2) sets this time?...same configuration."

Tim, Laser Manager ( 9/19/14 ) ( copper slat product line )

Brent, I ordered 5 of these slats back in November and I have been very pleased with the results. I would like to order 65 more slats.

Brandon, Fabrication Manager ( 3/24/14 ) ( hybrid product line )

We purchased a set of copper laser slats from Lasergrating.com a couple of weeks ago and can already see an increase in production. Now we are able to run 7 hours a night lights out and were only running 2 hours a night with steel slats.

Laser Operator.

"These copper grids have not only cut down on slag issues 2/3 rds but employee cleaning time is less than a third of what it was before with steel grids. The up time we gained by not having to use the machine to cut new grids over the last few months was just under 60 hrs, plus steel costs. After 8 months they look almost like the day we put them in."

- Tim Rumsey, A.W. Manufacturing

ROI in 6 months

"In the early 2nd quarter of this year we installed copper laser grates that were purchased from lasergrating.com. We use our lasers for a mix of both galvanized and stainless steel. The biggest benefit of the copper slats was that the stainless steel does not laser weld to the slats. Because of this, our scrap reduced to the point that the copper slats were paid for after six months of use. My plan is to replace our current steel slats on my other two lasers within the next year. I would highly recommend that, with the initial purchase of the laser, copper slats should be ordered rather than steel. In addition to the quality improvement of our parts, we will also save costs by eliminating the weekly cleaning of the grates."

Regards, Ray Kingsbury - Fabrication Manager, Kysor/Warren

"We used to use steel slats, but after getting over two years out of our first copper bed, we won't ever go back to steel."

- Laser Machinery Operator

"We were using copper on our beds and it was working great but we couldn't afford to buy them from the manufacturers so we've been making our own ever since. To get them somewhere cheaper sounds great!"

- Laser Owner

"The slag is easier to get off of the copper and clean easily, thus saving time. Also these save wear and tear on our slag stripper machine, thus saving more time and money. The steel is hard to clean, and we do the best to knock off what we can and then replace them when needed."

"Using copper grates for our lasers have expanded the life longevity of the grating, they're easier to clean, and require less maintenance than steel slats that we used to use. All of this has increased our machine up time."

- Mike Scott, Manager of Laser Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Will the copper slats contaminate stainless steel? We weld all of our parts coming off of our laser.

Depending on the parts you're cutting, you may notice a small amount of splatter coming back onto them, but nothing that wouldn't rub off pretty easily. As you process thicker material you may encounter a small amount of splatter as well but far less than what you would get with steel slats.

I've been using steel slats for as long as I have had my laser. Does it make sense to try copper laser grating?

The difference between copper slats and laser slats is tremendous. Copper slats last 4-8 times longer than steel slats. When operating at high power it will cut into the slats much less than when you are using steel slats because the heat is distributed much faster. When processing steel on your laser system it's been found that your slats will actually have 4-8 times the life than when using steel slats. If you're processing thin steels ( sheet metal or Stainless Steel ), the copper slats have been found to last up to 2 years.

Ultimately, by expanding the lifetime of your slats, you will save yourself the costs that you would incur by replacing them so often. You also gain the machine up time from when you can run your machine instead of shutting it down to replace the slats frequently.

Are copper grates expensive?

Copper slats can get expensive, yes. Fortunately Lasergrating offers replacement grating for laser cutting at a far lower price than the original manufacturers do. In one of our most recent sales, we saved the customer 47% off the cost they would have normally spent by buying slats from their manufacturer.

Another benefit with copper laser slats is that, although the initial investment may seem high, you're now replacing them less and spending less time maintaining them. Not to mention the scrap value when you are finished with the slats will be a much more significant amount than steel laser slats.

Copper is reflective, will this cause problems?

Copper is a reflective material however we have never heard of this being an issue. We have sold thousands of Copper and Hybrid slats without this being a problem. Copper slats are also currently being sold by laser machinery manufactures so this is not a brand new idea to job shops across North America.

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